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and president qayoumi says no decisions have been made. " "" vice president of student affairs bill nance spoke to a.s students after the meeting who still felt they did not have completes answers about the decisions being made. "we want to make sure the students provide the input, the guidance, the direction into what kinds of programs, what kind of services you want." even without a decision associated students plan to continue to voice their concerns. j jeffery - "student representation and student advocacy is the main goal, why we're here. we are supported by student fees and we need to be advocating for them."" >>" president qayoumi says he will consider a request to postpone the discussion until the end of the fall semester. live on campus...sausche young...update news the san jose state budget forum was held earlier this week, as high ranking school administrators outlined the current progress of the upcoming school budget. ">>>the panel, led by san jose state president mohammed qayoumi and chief financial officer shawn bibb, layed out the current budget proposal. the figures were based
. >> no name other than more work for nance's staff. -- >> what we do in oakland -- i don't think bullying is more than a school issue. this is bully center thed. there is a way the violence perm mates across the board and i strongly believe that schools are the heart of health and community well being and the way we're going to transform this world is coming around our kids. we have a sacred obligation and kids to be safe and well connected and well known is all of us, all of us, all the time and even in the room today and the pretense and around the punter -- the question is if it came from the punter and the nfl and the hierarchy and ranking and all the time we're making judgments even as adults. those are embedded in the school experience and how we engage each other in different ways and to say this place in school is a wa
of a prem nance u.s. presence as result of what north korea is doing. if war breaks out, the last thing they would want is a war in the korean peninsula. result in a south korean victory and a united korean which i don't think china wants at this stage. >> this new young leader of north korea is seeking bluffing, you think he's bluffing? >> he could be. we don't know. we have to assume that he's not. we have to operate on the assumption that he's for real. that -- or the fact that he could be blufg, can't get himself back in. he would have built up the wardrobes among his people. he has to take some action and that action could be a modified attack on south korea, but the new south korean president, president park said that she'll respond to any attack. not like the previous years. there were south korean attacks. president park has made it clear that she would not. that could cause events to spiral out of control. >> if north koreans do launch some sort of missile or attack as they did in 2010, they torpedoed a south korean war ship, they she would an island, a south korean island, kil
and infant. join me with reaction, penny nance and meg strikler, it does happen, where a child is living outside the womb. it does happen. >> that's exactly right. >> sean: does that child in your view have the right to medical care? >> yes, in my view it does, because that child now becomes the patient, this has nothing to do with women and choice and abortion or anything because this is the patient and there's already law, federal and state, this particular bill was fixing a loophole. >> sean: here is my question for you. do you, as a person who is pro-abortion, pro choice, however you want to describe yourself. is it your position that the government has no right to tell a woman what she can and cannot do with her body? is that pretty much your position. >> i'm pro choice, what the planned parenthood lady said with respect to abortion, we should have the ability to make those choices ourselves. >> sean: you didn't answer the question. you're saying the government doesn't have a right to say anything about this? >> well, the government does have a right to say something, they are right
, but this is the first male. >> shepard: a quick search on twitter, almost nance, kobe bryant tweeted, as a lot of others have, proud of jason collins. don't suffocate who you are because of the ignorance of others, and statement from former president clinton that reads, i'm proud to call jason collins a friend from the sports worlds aside from patrick willis of the dolphins, it's been almost unanimous. any surprises? >> well, on twitter there are always people who are going to have their say, but we have not seen in any of the professional leagues -- i have not see of now anything negative. i haven't heard any quotes that are negative. it's been a tsunami of positive feedback that jason has gotten and is close to president clinton because he wend to stanford, he and his twin burglary, and they were in class the same time as chelsea so she also tweeted. everybody from the wizardded management, where he played last year to david stern, the current commissioner, and the new commissioner next year, adam silver, everybody has had a very positive take. >> even mlb. i saw a tweet today. there was word that the
's set this back to the 2011 about these wrong to right. what is the significant nance. >> standardized tests have different levels of difficulty. if they ran an analysis and see that most kids got easy answers wrong, the hard answers right, and there were erasers and if you find patterns then you know this is not kids doing erasers. and sandy sanford's memo warned michelle rhee that she add problem. >> one of the things we saw in atlanta in the beverly hall case was that reporters there looked at the eraser rates and took them to statisticians and said kids are foif six times per test erasing things and statisticians said, this cannot possibly be. >> in atlanta, the superintendent denied all that. the difference is that the atlanta newspaper stayed on the case. that didn't happen in washington. and the political leadership in the state of georgia stayed on the case and that did not happen. no one wanted to get at the truth into n washington, d.c., unfortunately. >> what do you mean by that? >> exactly that. when it was such wonderful news, michelle rhee was such a breath of fresh air w
jones joins me now. >> when you have guyed like jim nance and the announcers who are seasoned professionals and they are at a loss for words you know it is horrific. it is a freak accident. he comes down after trying to block a shot. both major bones in the leg broken. as you said, as you pointed out, one of the bones coming through the skin. there are reports that several louisville players bombed it right there when they saw it happened. you can see he is wiping away tears right there and this guy has seen it all. he went over to help him up and then he saw that basically his leg was just kind of broken in half. he went to methodist hospital in indianapolis during the game. he had the surgery last night. rick petino stayed behind. kevin ware is from atlanta. the team wants to get him to atlanta for the final four. this harkins back to joe when he went out after lawrence taylor knocked him out during a "monday night football" game. and then after the game rick petineo mentioned michael bush. he had to sit out his senior year. there still might be hope for kevin ware. a horrif
says he was his greatest mentor and you can see it in this per for nance from 196-- performance from 196450 i like all kind of westerns. all right. move it out there. >>> 17 years later, williams repaid the debt by casting winters as his son in the final season of "morning & mind -- mork & mindy." he rose to fame as a frequent performer at san francisco comedy clubs in the 1950s. his career almost ended after a bizarre performance at the hungry eye in 1959. police found him climbing in the rigging of a tall sailing ship at fisherman's wharf. newspaper coverage described him as telling police "where am i from? outer space, man." winters was held for psychiatric treatment and ultimately was diagnosed with manic depression. a year later, he was back on manic depression. a year later, he was back on stage r[ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to keep from driving all over for the best deals. you don't need to run around. safeway gives you real big club card deals each week. this week, a crazy low price on tide, $10.99 for 100 ounces. skip the warehouse
-pointer. they were really trying hard to come back. i watched him. and i said what is is happening? jim nance didn't see it. then the three louisville players were on the ground. russ smith was crying. they all went back. they didn't know when they were doing the replay it was going to look like that. >> i'm not going to demo it. it was a simple movement like that. >> it breaks my heart for him. >> you see -- i think it was a marquette guy. fell on his head. from above the rim, 260-guy fell on the marquette guy. there has been amazing stuff. >> the story lines in the final four are really compelling this year. and we will see what happens. >> i can't believe syracuse amped it up after getting killed by louisville in the final. >> i think louisville is going to win. at a hertz expressrent kiosk, you can rent a car without a reservation... and without a line. now that's a fast car. it's just another way you'll be traveling at the speed of hertz. transit fares! as in the 37 billion transit fares we help collect each year. no? oh, right. you're thinking of the 1.6 million daily customer care interacti
one today. [speaking foreign language] peace process,a questionon nance -- my is, do you have any questions -- any plans on suggesting -- for instance, a reopening the tourist visits. out totion going secretary, ever since you remember of the senate, you've always emphasize the importance of diplomacy and dialogue. was one of your standing principles. i know you spoke about that kind of principle when dealing with the north koreans. under what circumstances, situation with the united states be prepared to resume dialogue with the north koreans? do you have any specific conditions in mind in order to resume dialogue with the north koreans? if you have any plans on spent -- sending a special envoy to north korea? first of all, the situation on the korean peninsula -- it is critically important for the u.s. and south korea to enhance its defense capabilities. we will always speak -- we will north koreanase of provocation. if north korea decides to give up its nuclear ambitions and be a member of the international community, we are prepared to resume talks in terms of putting in place
yield. >> for what reason does the gentleman from pennsylvania? >> request nance constituent address the house. >> without ox, the gentleman is recognized for one minute. >> mr. speaker, earlier today two explosions tore through the finish line at the boston marry than. they resulted in several deaths and perhaps more than 100 injuries. mr. speaker, when faced with such adversity, now is the time for the american people to come together with thoughts and prayers for those who have been injured and those lives so tragically lost. my thoughts and prayers are also with the boston fire rescue and emergency medical personnel that, as i speak, are still on the job. my thoughts and prayers are also with the boston police and investigators that they will quickly determine who is responsible for what appears to be a cruel, senseless, and cowardly act. today marks the 2 38th null patriot days in boston. mr. speaker, left it by know that the evil that transpired today will not deter the courage of american patriots from the past, the present, or the future. i yield back. >> thank you, for wha
object city nance of the united states army corps of engineers in seeking to put up physical barriers to fishing below the 10 dams on the cumberland river. the flooding season is upon us and we all remember the terrific job they did the year before when we had such serious floods along the mississippi. we are grateful to them forment that but for whatever reason the corps is rejecting every reasonable proposal from the states of tennessee and kentucky to say that let us work with you to ensure safety below the dams on the cumberland river that continues to allow fishing when it is safe an that allows us to attract the jobs in our area. senator corker, senator mcconnell, senator paul, congressman whitfield, congressman cooper, congressman black burn, we've all introduced legislation we call the freedom to fish act. i've met with everybody up -- i've met with every general and colonel i could find. i've even talked to the secretary of the army and said, what in the heck are you doing here? on these ten dams, ever since they've been built in the 1960's, people have been fishing there wi
for a grand bargain so that the germ nance -- germans, now imposed bail-ins on bank depositers everywhere in the euro area are actually forced to therefore as a quid pro quo accept a joint deposit insurance fund for the euro area. the ecb begins more aggressively to "bias" set backed securities of loans, securitized loans from smes. and that eases the credit crunch. you have an abatement of the fragmentation. confidence is restored and as you can see here, i think we have some upside on the growth. there is adown-size --side as well which is smaller probability. but the macroeconomic impact of that will actually be quite severe. i don't time to go into the details of it but it basically means none of the issues surrounding the euro area policymakers on the banking union are going to be resolved. that would be very bad for growth this year and equally bad for growth next year. so i will end on that pessimistic note. thank you. [applause] >> i think that was terrific. i think they all were terrific. as i asked dave and barbara to join jacob and i up on the table let me just make a couple ob
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21 (some duplicates have been removed)